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Oil & Gas Service Provider of Industrial Rental Equipment, Chemicals, & Valves

  • 130
Client CodePET820
EBITDA Range 2.5M-5M
Revenue Range 10M-25M
Sector Pharmaceutical-and-Cosmetics
Region Southwest-US
Deal Structure Full-Sale
HeadquartersWest Texas in the Permian Basin

The company provides industrial rental equipment, chemical sales, valve testing and repair services to oil and gas production companies in the Permian Basin.

Key Aspects

  • Diversified service offering
  • Young company experiencing continuous revenue growth
  • Motivated and loyal management team
  • 90% customer retention
  • Located in the oil abundant Permian Basin
  • Strong relationships with Fortune 500 customers


  • Further develop chemical accounts
  • Invest in more rental equipment
  • Continue to grow management team
  • Increase sales and marketing team
  • Expand outside of current market (Louisiana, Oklahoma, etc)
  • Continue to grow valve division
  • Offer online ordering capabilities

Market Currently Served
Oil and gas production companies having operations in the Permian Basin, specifically in the area of West Texas to eastern New Mexico.

Real Estate
The company owns two facilities that are located in close proximity. The buildings can be rented at a negotiable rate.

The shareholder seeks an equity partner who will help grow the company to its full potential. The owner is open to various deal structures and prefers to remain with the company long-term.