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Manufacturer and Distributor of Vehicular Engine Performance Enhancement Products – VEN5432

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Client CodeVEN5432
EBITDA Range 1.5M-2.5M
Revenue Range 5M-10M
Sector Automotive
Region Midwest-US
Deal Structure Full-Sale
HeadquartersMidwestern, U.S.

The business operates as a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of aftermarket car parts,
particularly engine performance improvement systems.

Key aspects:
· Long-standing reputation and legacy, in business for over 20 years
· Industry reputation for product quality and performance in industry
· Multiple patents for specialized technologies
· Recent acquisition providing new product lines and customer base
· Gross profit margins of 58.6% as of August 31, 2019

· Continue to grow business from acquired competitor’s products and customer base
· Increase sales force and advertising budget to market to a wider consumer base
· Expand overseas to capture larger shares of international markets such as Japan and Germany
· Perform business development at conventions and online to increase customer base

Midwestern, U.S.

Current markets:
Aftermarket automotive consumers and distributors throughout the United States, as well as overseas markets throughout the world.

Real estate:
The company operates from a -6,000 square foot manufacturing facility with a 1,800 sq. ft. office, in a metal building constructed on approximately 1.69 acres of land. The premise is owned by a related third party, and is available as part of the sale or for rent.

Shareholder/owner objectives:
The sole managing owner is looking to retire from the business. He is open to staying on for a transition period, and willing to discuss various deal structures to facilitate a transaction.